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The Dynamic Content plugin offers dedicated dynamic content functionality separating content from design allowing for copy management outside of Adobe® Illustrator®.

The Dynamic Content plug-ins allow you edit and maintain text from outside Adobe® Illustrator® , directly link an AI text object to an XML file.

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Dynamic Barcodes

1333 USD
per month per user
... or Try for free
Generate Dynamic Barcodes, 40 varients from Datamatrix to UPC
Most popular

Dynamic Content Essentials

7750 USD
per month per user
Includes Dynamic Barcodes
Create artwork placeholder objects (text, barcodes, tables)
Link (or create) structured XML files to manage copy in Illustrator artworks

Dynamic Content Advanced

12333 USD
per month per user
Includes Dynamic Content Essentials
Generate dynamic job legends/panels and printing registration marks
Create dynamic nutritional facts tables (with support for the 2018 tables)
Create online editing templates for CHILI Publisher with Illustrator

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