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Planning & Imposition

Reduce waste with Smarter Planning & Imposition

AI-driven planning & imposition software allows you to ditch human planning, increase your margins, and train your AI.
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Automated, AI-Driven Preproduction Software for Packaging & Labels

Phoenix, an AI-powered planning and estimating software, leverages the power of AI to analyze your historical production data, including machine capabilities, job complexity, and material usage, to generate accurate and detailed quotes in seconds.

Overcome the Challenges of Planning & Imposition

Length of Runs

Limited technology and human constraints hinder efforts to maintain profitability for short run packaging.

Manual Layout Creation

The trial-and-error method of human planning is time consuming and eats away at margins.

Production Waste

Less than optimal layouts yield poor material yield, overproduction, and idle downtime.

Too Many Standalone Software Applications

Using non-integrated software applications creates confusion and complexity, wasting time and resources.

Poor Communication

Efficient communication is vital. However, disparate systems can lead to delays and errors.

Difficulty Scaling

As your business grows, scalability becomes a concern with traditional planning methods.

How Can Esko Help?

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Automated Planning & Imposition with Phoenix

Phoenix brings an all-new approach to step-and-repeat with a simple drag-and-drop user interface.

No need to remake a die ever again. Phoenix uses shape-detection to create a smart library.

Reduce press changeover and makeready with smarter production layouts.

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Our planning department now saves a huge amount of time and for customer orders many hours are being saved. We’ve got integration built up-front that feeds Phoenix these demand orders so there’s no issues with data entry.

Willie Spindler

Business Analyst and Programmer, Inland

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