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Structural Packaging Design
Create 2D and 3D structural designs for product development, virtual prototyping, and more.

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Structural Design Brings Packaging Ideas to Life

Never has productivity so seamlessly resulted from creativity. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create challenging designs. ArtiosCAD manages all the metrics for you from any imported 3D CAD product model.

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The Benefits of ArtiosCAD

Lightning-Fast Displays

Save time creating POP, POS, and FSDU displays. Whether you’re working in corrugated carton, Re-board®, or other rigid materials, ArtiosCAD makes it easy.

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High Quality Designs, Every Time

Create unique designs in seconds! Whether you’re designing from scratch or using the library of folding carton and corrugated styles, ArtiosCAD takes your talent to the next level.

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Seamless Integration with Your Systems

ArtiosCAD integrates with your systems, including Adobe® Illustrator®, Cape Pack, and more so you can use a variety of files and designs.

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Dream it. Make it Happen.

It’s never been easier to design your ideal package. Let ArtiosCAD handle the intricate details, making structural design, product development, virtual prototyping, and manufacturing operations effortless and efficient.

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Man sitting at a computer using ArtiosCAD Preflight software

ArtiosCAD Preflight

Die-cutting inefficiencies can be costly. Optimal structural design reduces setup time and increases die press speeds. ArtiosCAD Preflight meticulously assesses your structural designs, swiftly detecting and flagging any quality issues. With its pioneering patent-pending technology, ArtiosCAD Preflight promptly notifies packaging designers of potential production concerns for a more streamlined workflow.

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How ArtiosCAD Benefits Packaging Engineers

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Increase Productivity

Intelligent drafting tools help you create parametrically accurate designs every time.

Reduce Errors

Anticipate and eliminate mistakes resulting from physical limitations of designs.

Communicate Effectively

Communicate designs in 3D and automatically generate assembly diagrams.

Do More with ArtiosCAD

2D and 3D Designs

Create and resize 2D and 3D packaging designs, produce internal fitments, and present it all in 3D.

Visualize Instructions

Create reports, assembly instructions, design folding sequences, and develop animation movies.

Virtual Prototyping

Create mockups and view designs in 3D before production, eliminating costs from errors and waste.


ArtiosCAD is interoperable with Collada, ProE, STEP, SAT, IGES, SolidWorks 3D, Siemens NX.

Focus on Sustainability

Minimize waste resulting from unseen errors, unused materials, and unnecessary design repetition.

Fewer Costs

Save production costs by ensuring your metrics are always correct.

Who Is ArtiosCAD for?

Screenshot of ArtiosCAD packaging design

Optimize Folding Carton Production

Design packaging that provides practical benefits and looks good too.

Protect your product during shipping and handling.

Enhance market competitiveness by guaranteeing that your packaging designs stand out with eye-catching POP displays.

Unrivalled Structural Design Software for Packaging

ArtiosCAD transforms your creative vision into a reality. Enable teams to seamlessly manage structural design, product development, virtual prototyping, and manufacturing operations.

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