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Color Management

Manage Color Quality with Precision and Efficiency

Color is vital to brand identity. However, it is difficult to track color consistency and accuracy across a whole network of suppliers and partners. Learn how to streamline and simplify the color management process to strengthen brand consistency and increase efficiency.
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What Is Color Management?

Color management refers to the process of controlling and maintaining consistent colors in various stages of design, production, and printing to ensure accurate and reproducible results. Learn how to achieve perfect color reproduction consistently in every print job and across various locations.

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Overcome the Challenges of Color Management

Manual Processes

Manual steps and disconnected processes mean that, despite the best efforts of brands and their suppliers, there is no clear and guaranteed picture of how color is produced and delivered to the shelf.

Color Inconsistencies

Color inconsistencies occur without one consistent, repeatable process accessible to brands, suppliers, and any other stakeholders involved.

Lack of Visibility

Without a digital solution to track the color process, mistakes are likely to be made, and may not always be caught.

Shorter Packaging Runs

Demand for shorter packaging production runs for targeted campaigns and product variations are increasing. Meeting these challenges can be time consuming and costly.

Spot Colors

Printing jobs become more complex as more spot colors are added, requiring added inks, films, and more runs per print.

Brand Color Reproduction

Ensuring uniform color across different printing processes, and therefore maintaining brand integrity, can be very hard to accomplish.

Featured Products for Color Management

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Easy Color Conversion with Equinox

Achieve more and better colors with extended gamut printing which adds extra colors to the traditional CMYK range.

Equinox offers predictable color conversion, which means that you can tell whether colors are out of a gamut before the conversion.

A visual reference for printing Pantone colors in expanded gamut helps determine when to select extended gamut, CMYK, or a spot color.

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Equinox enables us to manage the extended color gamut and harmonize our jobs in the same printing mode, while avoiding costly ink preparations and machine makeready.

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CEO, Thibault-Bergeron

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Get Started with Color Management

Talk to our experts about how content management solutions from Esko can help your business.

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