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Structural Design

Take Your Structural Packaging Design to the Next Level

Build packaging and displays from scratch or generate them with the click of your mouse. Make your samples virtual or cut them on a dedicated sample table.
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Simplify Your Structural Packaging Design

Driven by SKU proliferation, packaging design teams have their work cut out for them. They need to create designs that meet even the strictest packaging specifications quickly and accurately.

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Overcome the Challenges of Structural Packaging Design

Designing in 2D

Designing 3D assets in 2D can lead to confusion and errors, hindering the seamless transition from concept to production.

Version Control & Variants

Coordinating updates across all versions of package design is difficult when communication between structural and graphic designers is hampered.

POP Displays

Designing complex multi-component packaging and POP displays can become quite time-consuming, posing a significant challenge for packaging design teams.

Visualizing the Finished Product

Failing to understand how a package design will look on store shelves can lead to suboptimal outcomes.

Complex Structures

Designing complex, multi-component structures is difficult and time-consuming, demanding a comprehensive solution for efficient creation and management.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Addressing the growing need for sustainable packaging adds an additional layer of complexity to the design process.

How ArtiosCAD Streamlines Structural Design

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Reduce Production Costs with Rebuildable Designs

Create new and unique designs in seconds from scratch or by using the extensive library of folding carton and corrugated styles.

Intelligent, resizable design library of the US, ECMA, FEFCO and display standards make design decisions for you.

A powerful rebuild design feature allows designs to be parametrically rebuilt with new geometric values.

Structural Design Software

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We had been using a different structural design software, but once we had seen the difference the other Esko solutions made to our productivity and efficiency, it made perfect sense to invest in ArtiosCAD.

Mika Mattila

Development Engineer with Jaakkoo-Taara

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