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Cape Truckfill

Container Loading Software
Optimize your packaging supply chain and reduce costs.

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Container Loading Software

Cape Truckfill container and truck loading software helps you reduce costs and optimize your packaging supply chain.

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Optimize Product Pallets and Shipments

Build Load Plans

Create the best truck or container loading plans for an order of different products.

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Save Time on Data Entry

Store frequently used product information and container sizes in the database.

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Simple Plan Editing

Use the drag and drop Load Editor to adjust the location of individual products or start with an empty truck or container and manually create a custom load.

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Dedicated Truck Loading Software

Optimize packaging and shipping design and improve the number of products that fit in a truck or container to streamline your packaging supply chain.

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The Benefits of Cape Truckfill

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Cut Transportation Costs

Fill trucks efficiently, reduce the number of containers needed, and improve container utilization.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce the number of trucks on the street to minimize your company’s carbon footprint.

Enhance Sustainability

Create a sustainable packaging supply chain.

Discover Cape Truckfill Features

Optimize Loading

Optimize the loading of your products into trucks and containers.


Show your warehousing personnel how to load your containers.


Use loading restrictions and priorities to pre-plan your load.

Integrate with Cape Pack

Import pallet loads saved in Cape Pack.

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Lower expenses and enhance packaging supply chain efficiency with Cape Truckfill.

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