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Cape Pack

Palletization Software
Optimize your primary product size for shipping.

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Cloud-based Palletization Optimization

Cape Pack enables you to optimize your primary product size for shipping, create new case sizes, build efficient pallet patterns, analyze compression strength of cases and pallets, and improve material and cube utilization.

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Optimize Product Pallets and Shipments

Design & Compression

Design the optimum product size and perform compression strength analysis on your case and pallet load.

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Maximize Space Utilization

Evaluate alternative case sizes and maximize pallet loading and improve space utilization.

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Create a sustainable packaging supply chain. Cut transportation costs & reduce the number of trucks on the streets.

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Right Size Packaging, Simplified

Cape Pack helps determine the best product size, case count, product arrangement, case size, pallet, and container load. Users can upload critical up- to-the-minute information to Cape Pack to share with colleagues around the corner or around the globe to speed up design and approval processes.

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The Benefits of Cape Pack

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Maximize Pallet Loading

Right-size product packaging and perform compression strength analysis on your case and pallet load.

Save Money

Cut transportation costs and reduce the number of trucks on the streets.

Cut Cycle Times

The new interface enables users to make critical, last-minute changes shareable with anyone, anywhere.

Discover Cape Pack Features


Configure, generate, and download PDF reports and images with packing instructions.

Truck Analysis

Load single sized products or pallets into trucks and containers.

Order Fulfillment

Palletize single and mixed size cases across multiple pallets.


Reuse existing cases and trays to calculate pallet solutions.


Bi-directional interfaces and reporting with ArtiosCAD.

Case Design

Optimize shipping cases for existing products to reduce waste.

Who Is Cape Pack for?

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Cape Pack helps Consumer Goods Companies:

Redesign the product, maintaining the finish size, diameter, filling requirements, and more.

Optimize the selling unit cube utilization.

Optimize the transport cube utilization.

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