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Artwork Management

Take Control of Your Packaging Artwork and Label Management with Workflow Software

Reduce manual processes, simplify approval cycles, and increase overall efficiency to save time and money, stay organized, and keep branding consistent and accurate.
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What Is Artwork Management?

Artwork Management is the practice of reducing manual processes, simplifying approval cycles, and increasing overall efficiency. An artwork management system streamlines the process to save you time and money, help you stay organized, and keep branding consistent and accurate.

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Overcome the Challenges of Artwork Management

Manual Approval Cycles

Digging through emails or hunting down feedback wastes time and opens the door to mistakes, inefficiencies, and inconsistencies.

Version Control

The label production process from design to distribution rarely follows a linear path. Without visibility into the various versions, mistakes can go unnoticed.

Audit Tracking

It’s hard to keep track of everything when multiple changes are going on at the same time.

Inefficient Processes

Without a packaging artwork management solution, your processes are scattered and haphazard.

Using the Wrong Tools

Using inadequate tools, such as email and excel, hampers your process efficiency, making it difficult to communicate and ensure accuracy.

Communication Among Stakeholders

When multiple people touch multiple parts of a process without a centralizing force, mistakes are bound to occur.

Benefits of an Artwork Management Solution

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Increase Your Speed of Work

See a list of tasks with supporting documentation attached and available for review.

Create a central brief to kickoff tasks for creating or updating artwork, with access to all assets from a single location.

Identify and correct bottlenecks in a fraction of the time.

Artwork Management Products

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No longer do we need to wait for approvers to markup a printed copy, we can simply review online, whether in or out of the office and we are reminded by WebCenter when approval deadlines are due.

Lorna Thomson

Senior Brand Manager, Goodman Fielder

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Get Started with WebCenter

Save time, stress, and money by utilizing artwork approval software and take advantage of the efficiency it creates.

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