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Print Inspection

Print Inspection Solutions to Achieve 100% Quality Assurance

Our print inspection solutions provide advanced process control, quality assurance, and press control for today’s packaging, label, and commercial print industries.
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Automatically Detect Defects and Errors

AVT print inspection systems automatically detect defects such as missing labels, defects in character areas, color variations, miss-registration, missing print, spots, imperfect matrix peeling, die cut registration, and more.

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Overcome the Challenges of Print Inspection

Achieving 100% Quality Assurance

Manual processes and inadequate tools make it impossible to achieve 100% quality assurance.

Color Measurement

Color is mission critical for customers. But relying on spot analysis opens the door to uncaught errors.

Job Setup Time

Many operators struggle with the amount of time it takes to prepare print inspection jobs.

Defective Material Removal

Defective material cannot be removed in a fast and efficient manner if print errors are not identified early on.

Maximizing Press Productivity

Print errors and defects lead to reprints which impact press uptime and create inefficiencies.

Reducing Waste

Today, sustainability is a must. However, many companies struggle to minimize the amount of wasted printed material.

Print Inspection Solutions

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100% Automated Inline Inspection

100% automated inline inspection solutions for label and narrow web printing.

Ensures quality by identifying defects instantly on labels or packages, minimizing waste, and enhancing overall performance.

Supports a wide range of label materials, including paper, plastic, films, cartons, embossed metalized foils, and holographic foils.

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We now have technology which is both accurate and easy to use. It saves on operator time, reduces waste and improves throughput speed, delivering significant efficiency gains to the business. We’re now in the process of adding a fourth Helios system so that we have one on all our MPS flexo presses.

Mike Carnahan

Shift Product Supervisor, The Kennedy Group

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