Automation Engine

Automation Engine is Esko’s workflow server. It automates prepress tasks, which speeds up the process, but also reduces the error rate and the need for operator intervention.

Automation Engine sets a new standard
for prepress workflow automation

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With Automation Engine in particular, we have seen a significant cut in the number of errors on jobs plus the time and cost benefits that delivers. We are much more productive.

Robert Farfort, Director, Data Image, UK

QuickStart solutions
Get started in 5 days

Automation Engine QuickStart

For Labels

The new Automation Engine QuickStart for Labels is a turnkey solution for label converters. Based on Esko’s Automation Engine, the QuickStart package comes preloaded with proven workflows for label production. And with just 5 days to get you up and running, you start reaping the benefits of automation almost immediately


Automation Engine QuickStart for Sign

For Sign

Automation Engine QuickStart for Sign is a turnkey solution for sign and large format printers. The preloaded workflows allow you to boost capacity without adding staff. Get started in 5 days and boost your workflow immediately.


Take control of your production

The Device Manager moves operational control upstream to the prepress department. Flexo platemaking and digital finishing operations are better integrated with the prepress workflow. Operators use Device Manager to monitor job statuses, and to manage and prioritize the queues of all connected devices.

For flexible packaging and labels workflows, for instance, there's the Automated Flexo Platemaking module which allows running a fully automated workflow, from ripped LEN files all the way to the exposed plate on the CDI.

Automation Engine Take Control

Esko Customer Testimonial

With automation engine, we were able to digitalize our products (cutting size templates, automate cutting size calculation), automate repetitive pre-press tasks, standardize our workflow - all resulting in a faster, more efficient way of working and also reducing errors in administrative, prepress tasks. For our finishing operators, manual handling tasks are vastly reduced by the Kongsberg table.

William Lambrecht, Technical Lead Pre-Press, Visix

Automation Engine Job Organization

Job organization & data management

A job in Automation Engine represents a production order that organizes the data storage for the job but also the job’s metadata, its link to order ID, due date, customer info, Customer Service Representative contacts…

Besides these administration attributes, a job can also contain the graphical specifications like barcode, inks, RIP options… This job information can be used in any workflow to take advantage of all the data that is already there, avoiding double entries.

Quality control with Global Vision

Automation Engine workflows can be defined with automated Global Vision inspection checks. Global Vision functionality allows for automatic quality control checks like text, artwork, spelling, braille, barcodes. Read more about Global Vision functionality.

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Automation Engine Quality Control

Increase profitability by integrating your business and prepress systems

Increase profitability by integrating your business and prepress systems

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