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Automation Engine: the perfect automated workflow

The new standard for optimized prepress workflow automation

Automate, standardize and improve your prepress workflow with quicker ROI – across your entire organization - with Automation Engine SaaS. Enabling you to boost productivity, deliver new efficiencies and empower your teams to focus on the work that grows your business.

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Want to know how to deliver 50% more jobs with the same headcount?

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Thanks to Automation Engine we have only four employees in our prepress department today and our reprints are ready in a few minutes. Essentially, Automation Engine is now the beating heart of our company

Alěs Cokan, Prepress Manager at LabelProfi

Workflow automation.
Simplified with SaaS

We are on a mission to make managing your workflows easy. With our new browser-based SaaS solution, you really can plug in and go. By connecting your entire organization to one shared database, you can centralize and standardize your operations, systems and data. Enabling teams to share and collaborate easily wherever they may be – at site, at the office, at home or on the go. What’s more the new friendly, browser interface ensures quick adoption and a greater user experience for all.

Alleviate the IT burden

Our on-demand licensing model removes the headache of managing and maintaining onsite IT infrastructure. With fast deployment, we can help you to reduce IT overheads and accelerate time to ROI. Furthermore, interruptive software updates are a thing of the past with centrally managed updates – ensuring that you are always operating from the same, agreed version of the software. As an on-demand software solution, you simply pay for the environment you need, with the ability to scale as you need. Esko handles the IT.

One workflow to
feed all your presses

Automation Engine is the only workflow that automates the requirements of different printing techniques (digital, flexo, offset…) to feed all your presses – so only one production file is required for combination print jobs.

The job contains the parameters for the various printing processes. These are recognized within the workflow and take their own individual, predetermined path to automatically obtain the specific print settings.

Standardization of processes reduces errors and serves to optimize across the entire pre-production workflow.

Seamless integration with 3rd party systems

Automation Engine integrates seamlessly with any existing infrastructure (MIS, ERP…). Automation Engine accepts a wide range of desktop publishing formats, supporting RIPs or file servers and all industry standards such as PDF, XML, XMP, SQL queries and JDF/JMF communication.

From an entry-level version to more elaborate setups, Automation Engine is guaranteed to deliver a fast and unmatched return on investment. What’s more, the integration won’t break down when one of the systems needs an update.

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Top 5 automation myths
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Top 5 automation myths in packaging debunked
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