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3D Packaging Design Software
Produce better packaging artwork in Adobe® Illustrator®.

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3D Packaging Design

Design labels in 3D to perfectly fit structural packaging designs with Studio’s patented print modeling technology. It uses actual production assets, syncing 3D models with printed packaging and creating a digital twin. Create 3D content, movies, virtual packshots, or a virtual shopping shelf.

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3D Packaging Design Software for Boxes, Bags, Bottles, and More

Create Hyper Realistic 3D Visuals

Studio is a powerful design tool. It lets you create exciting 3D visuals ranging from PDF files with 3D content to movies, hero shots, or a virtual pack shot.

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Perfect Shrink Sleeve Designs

Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves is a unique and award-winning application to simulate a heat shrink sleeve around one or more objects.

Bottle designs of Alcis

Incredible ray tracing for photorealistic rendering

The innovative ray tracing feature delivers completely photorealistic rendering in Studio, so your pack design can be seen as an actual photograph.

Orange drink bottles

Be More Creative with Studio

Produce better artwork with Studio. Whether you are a designer trying out different ideas, or a prepress operator checking a back-match, with Studio you are virtually holding the pack in your hands. Increase productivity by over 80% and accelerate speed-to-market.

Drink can design on monitor screen

The Benefits of Studio

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Increase Productivity

Studio works with real production data to produce the most accurate and impactful packaging.

Design More Innovative Packaging

Try different substrates, inks, varnishes, foils, and holograms to achieve the perfect look.

Reduce Costs and Increase Speed

Reduce the number of physical prototypes and eliminate the cost and delays of analog photoshoots.

Elevate Your Artwork with Studio

Minimize Errors

Work with real production data to produce the most accurate and impactful packaging.

Test and Design

Experiment with different substrates, inks, varnishes, foils, and holograms to get the perfect look.

Easy to Use!

Enhance user adoption, if you know Illustrator, you know Studio.

Enhance Collaboration

Improve collaboration across packaging and marketing departments.

Save Time and Money

Create packshots from the actual production artwork – no need for photoshoots.

Multi-use Renderings

Export perfectly rendered packshots for ecommerce, social media, and the web.

Who Is Studio for?

Packaging design program

How Studio Helps Packaging Designers

See the package on the screen as you design.

Work faster and more creatively! This means you don’t have to make design compromises during production.

You might still make conventional mock-ups, but with Studio you have a new option: fast, inexpensive, and beautiful virtual mock-ups.