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Software Activation

About Activation

Activation services on

In most situations, activation is a simple process on your computer that only takes a few clicks in the Esko Activation Wizard.

In some cases you may also need the following services:

Offline Activation
If the computer on which you want to activate Esko software is not connected to the internet, you will need to use the offline activation method. Click Here to Activate.

Return Your Dongles
When you upgrade from older Esko software that still uses a hardware dongle, you will need to return those dongles to Esko before you get the product keys for your new activation-based. Click Here to Learn More.

In order to use your Esko software on your computer, you need to activate it first. 
Activation ties the product key that you received with your purchase to your computer’s hardware. 
To activate, you will need an Esko ID account. Don’t have an Esko ID yet?
Create one now.

Esko ID is the new single sign-on system that will replace all your other existing user accounts for Esko websites and systems.
In practice, this means that your old Activation Accounts, with which you activated software up until recently, will stop functioning in the near future. Be prepared for that day and  create your Esko ID now.
Learn more about the migration status and the sites that currently support Esko ID.