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Store Visualizer

Virtual Reality Packaging Software
Test the visual impact of your latest design in virtual store environments.
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Virtual Reality Packaging Software

Test the visual impact of your latest design in the environment where it all happens: the store.

See your new designs on the shelf in a virtual retail environment; present a complete product launch in 3D, including retail-ready packaging, displays and other branded items.

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Create Better Packaging, Store Displays, and End Caps

Create Custom Environments

Test the impact in the environment where it all happens. With Store Visualizer you can build your own store, configuring aisle and shelf layouts.

A photo of the store in Store Visualiser

Realistic Products

Using VR, store walk throughs are as real as can be. Wander the store, pick up products to see them up close and even add them to your virtual shopping cart!

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Realistic Point-of-Sale Material

Real-time rendering creates a hyper-realistic look: shadows on the shelves, the product’s position on the shelf, and how materials and prints are rendered.

Render of Lumi packaging

Compare Your Designs on the Shelf with 3D Visualization

Showcase a comprehensive 3D product launch including retail-ready packaging, displays, and various branded items. Confidently make design decisions regarding color, shape, materials, artwork and shelf layout, while there’s still time to make changes.

Women in VR goggles and shelves in a grocery store

The Benefits of Store Visualizer


Store Visualizer’s real-time rendering reaches an unmatched level of reality.

Import and Convert Planograms

Store Visualizer offers planogram integration, supporting the import of many planogram file formats.

Analyze Your Results

Export data to other analytics packages.

Point of Sale Material

Present the complete store concept for your brand in the most visual way.

Build Virtual Stores

Build your own store: select floor and ceiling style and start configuring aisles and shelf layouts.

Consumer Insights for Store Visualizer

Eye-tracking heat maps and behavioral data make it easy to measure shopper behavior.

Who Is Store Visualizer for?

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How Store Visualizer Helps Packaging Designers

Create and populate visually stunning virtual 3D stores in minutes!

Once you’ve created your store, see your product, on the shelf, with the rest of the brand and next to the competition to determine optimal design and shelf-space.

Export hi-res images and movies for walkthroughs.

Get started with Store Visualizer

Learn how Store Visualizer can help you create and enter virtual retail environments and test the impact of your packaging designs.

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