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Content Management

Take Your Content Management to the Next Level

Manage the process of creating, updating, and approving content so you can bring products to market faster.
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Simplify Your Content Management Processes

Content must be created and approved at a rapid pace, making managing content data tricky at best. Streamline your processes with content management software which allows you to specify, manage, and reuse content like text, claims, symbols, and barcodes for use on packaging artwork, labels, leaflets, and IFUs.

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Overcome the Challenges of Content Management

Manual Processes

Manual content creation and approval processes can be time-consuming and error prone, causing inefficiency and inaccuracy in the content lifecycle.

Disconnected Teams

Communication among teams is hampered without a centralized platform for collaboration, real-time updates, and a unified workflow.

Packaging Variations

Managing the complexity of packaging variations leads to challenges in maintaining consistency.

Lack of Visibility

Lack of visibility in the content creation process results in delays and uncertainties in decision-making.

Content Errors

Human touchpoints and disconnected processes increase the risk of content errors and product recalls.

Increased Costs

Without a content management system, costs are likely to be incurred from content errors, product recalls, or regulatory fines.

The Essential Solution for Your Content Management

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Amplify traceability of content documentation and processes.

Reduce risk and increase compliance by getting artwork content right-first-time.

Increase speed to market by standardizing content across the entire organization.

Learn More about WebCenter

For us, the traceability of changes is very important. That is why we appreciate the WebCenter workflow solution.

Simone Luntzer

International Packaging Management Team Leader, Pharmaceuticals, Weleda

Learn more about WebCenter

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