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Dynamic Content

Text Management Plugin for Adobe® Illustrator®
Use Dynamic Content to avoid errors by separating packaging content from design.

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Efficient Text Management in Packaging Design

Dynamic Content allows you edit and maintain text outside Adobe® Illustrator® by directly linking an AI text object to an XML file. By separating content and design, you can make last minute changes easily.

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The Benefits of Dynamic Content

Shorten Lead Times

Reduce the time spent creating and updating packaging designs by allowing content to automatically flow into artwork.

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Eliminate Copy/Paste

Avoid errors by reducing manual touchpoints and copy/paste processes.

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Enhance Visibility

Keep artwork up to date and approved by ensuring it contains the latest content from the CMS with live links.

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What You Can Do with Dynamic Content

Who is Dynamic Content For?

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How Dynamic Content Helps Brands

Enhance agility in packaging design by enabling quick and easy text updates outside Adobe® Illustrator®.

Maintain brand consistency and integrity by directly linking AI text objects to XML files, facilitating efficient content changes.

Empower brand innovation and responsiveness by separating content from design, allowing brands to stay current and competitive in dynamic market landscapes.

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