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The Dynamic Content plugin offers dedicated dynamic content functionality separating content from design allowing for copy management outside of Adobe® Illustrator®.

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Efficient text management in packaging design

The text used on packaging is changed many times before going to press. Product formulations, ingredients... It is imperative that the content is correct and complies with endless regulations. Secure and efficient text management is a very sensitive pain point for brand owners.

The Dynamic Content plug-ins allow you edit and maintain text from outside Adobe® Illustrator® , directly link an AI text object to an XML file.

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Dynamic Content features

  • Link multiple XML text elements to a single AI-textbox
  • Use XML style mapping table to control the text style
  • Accepts any XML formatted file (IPC structure preferred)
  • Alerts the user when the content has been updated
  • Text overflow warning
  • Functionality to filter the linked XML data
  • XML data is searchable
  • Edit content of the linked XML file inside AI
  • Synchronize to and from XML file
  • Generate XML data file from existing art
Dynamic Content - Efficient text management in packaging design
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