Premium prepress plugins for Adobe® Illustrator®

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Plug-ins for any prepress environment

With the DeskPack plugins Adobe® Illustrator® and Photoshop® become full-fledged packaging prepress applications.

The DeskPack plugins fit any prepress environment. From importing structural design files (CAD data), over trapping production files, all the way up to creating repetitions of print-ready production files, DeskPack offers the best packaging solution to get the job done.

Available as subscriptions

A lot of the DeskPack plug-ins are bundled and available as subscriptions: get the functionality you need, when you need it. Find out more here.

Benefits of working with DeskPack plugins

  • Shorter lead times!
    Prepress operators can produce higher quality jobs in a shorter time.
  • Error reduction
    Errors are detected as early as possible, reducing the cost to a minimum.
  • Very low learning curve
    All plugins have the Adobe® look and feel, there is a short learning curve and low training cost.
  • Absolute integration
    DeskPack plugins are tightly integrated with other Esko solutions: structural design, 3D visualization, Automation Engine.

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