ArtiosCAD Subscription Editions

ArtiosCAD Essentials

20333 USD
per month per user
Open & view any ArtiosCAD file type, measure, run output, ...
Create new designs from a parametric style catalog
2D tools to create new designs & edit existing designs
Add & register graphics to CAD file, vectorize edges
Create new parametric designs & geometry macros
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ArtiosCAD Advanced

41917 USD
per month per user
Includes ArtiosCAD Essentials
Create nested & mixed sheet layout
3D folding & assembly of multiple parts, output to Collada files
Animate 3D folding & assembly, export to AVI, QT, 3D PDF, ...
Bi-directional link with Cape Pack to create right-sized packaging & pallet solutions

ArtiosCAD Prime

60250 USD
per month per user
Includes ArtiosCAD Essentials
Includes ArtiosCAD Advanced
Create 3D models, cross sections, intersections, run standards, ...
Import SolidWorks, CATIA, IGES, STEP, ProE, Parasolid, NX
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