25+ ways to eliminate prepress errors - Esko

Editing incoming files is risky, as it’s all too easy to unintentionally introduce
errors which are costly down the line. But with ArtPro+ there are ways to
avoid this…

  • Discover a powerful arsenal of prepress functionality with ArtPro+
  • Reduce unintentional errors in editing – avoid reprints and quality issues
  • Easily make your files print-ready

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How to reduce errors with ArtPro+

  1. Trap your files with ease: Trap even complex designs in a matter of minutes with aesthetic trapping technology.
  2. Use PDF Action Lists: Automate prepress tasks for next time, without special programming or scripting skills.
  3. Recognize and edit text: Perform changes in outlined text as efficiently as working with live text.
  4. Activate fonts automatically: Significantly reduce time spent on copy changes. Complete text amends with total confidence as the necessary fonts are automatically activated.
  5. Screen for errors: Apply object-based screening to increase your print quality.

To learn many more ways to reduce errors in prepress, download our guide

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Eliminate prepress
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