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Automation Engine Modules

Automation Engine is a modular solution. It comes as a complete and feature-rich system, but it can be scaled with extra optional modules.

Viewing & QA prepress quality control

The Viewing & QA Module is an optional module offering extensive prepress quality control tools in the Viewer, including compare functionality and the ability to view bitmap data. Additionally this module contains the automated comparing functionality.

The Viewer handles all common prepress formats, images and RIP data. Check separations, trim and media sizes, compare differences between design files and production files, or check if all corrections have been applied. Compare between the production file and RIPped data. Automated compare tools are available in the workflow for comparison of larger batches of files.

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Automation Engine Connect is a toolkit that allows integration from a third party product with an Esko component (WebCenter, Automation Engine or ArtiosCAD). This way, you can connect your Automation Engine, WebCenter or ArtiosCAD to any business system that allows integration: MIS, web stores, finance systems, shipping systems… without the need for custom development! Read more here.

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