Paris Nord II
22 Avenue des Nations
BP 52335 Villepinte
95941 Roissy CDG Cedex

Tél service commercial : 01 48 17 00 91
Tél service technique : 01 48 17 00 97
Fax : + 33 1 49 38 09 78

Email :
Web :

Equipe Commerciale France

Dominique Dolo, Sales Account Manager

Pascal Pernot, Sales Account Manager

Raoul Rodrigues, Sales Account Manager

James Bourlet, Sales Account Manager

Grégory Nowak, Sales Account Manager

Didier Blanvilain, Sales Account Manager

Hervé Villar, Sales Account Manager

Inès Berlamont, Inside Sales Representative

Marie-Line Losbar, Sales Lead Coordinator

Contrats de maintenance software et hardware

Bernard Troubat, Account Manager Inside Sales


Françoise Coudert, Solution Architect

Frantz Letort, Application Sales Manager

Service Gestion des commandes

Pascale Martens, Customer Operations Agent

Nele Van Damme, Customer Operations Agent

Service Technique

Pascal Buranello, Service Manager

Comptabilité Clients

Johan Lehoucq, Credit Controller

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