100% Quality Assurance for Metal Sheet Decoration

A robust and reliable automatic 100% quality assurance solution exclusively for the metal sheet decoration industry. Titan visually inspects metal sheets, automatically and efficiently detecting imperfections in real-time.

Titan is connected to your print production workflow, capable of triggering ejectors, marketing devices or Kickers in order to automatically mark/eject defective sheets. The system is also capable of connecting to the press’s feeder to stop printing if a process defect becomes severe.

The system can be easily installed on any printing line to achieve online quality assurance and process control.

The Titan system significantly decreases production time, automates manual processes, and provides valuable waste savings. Backed by AVT’s pioneering technologies, Titan helps boost online process control and ensure unmatched quality assurance throughout the entire print process.

Titan raises the bar on in-line quality assurance by providing high resolution and performance at any given sheet width and press speeds.

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