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Streamlines prepress to press room: automate and reduce job setup time on any sized print run

AVT’s AutoSet solution was designed to enhance the overall print environment by automating job setup and eliminating setup time and the need for manual intervention. With AutoSet, data is automatically sent from the ESKO Automation Engine to AVT’s inspection system, where even very short runs can be automatically inspected, resulting in exceptional print quality and process control.

Once deployed, AutoSet can perform automatic job setup, job verification, auto identify barcodes, text, and die lines for print defect detection and trend analysis. The ESKO Automation Engine prepares an inspection package with all relevant data, while the press operator scans a barcode with the job ID or alternatively, selects the print job that is about to start on the press. The AutoSet inspection system then loads the inspection package for that job and inspection starts automatically after setup.

AutoSet supports AVT’s leading product lines, including Apollo Turbo HD , Argus Turbo Product Line, and Helios Product Line.


  • Automated system increases operational efficiency and reduces human error
  • Significantly shorter setup time
  • Enhanced print job efficiency – no data duplicates, no extra labor required
  • Fast, automatic job change-over with AVT systems on digital presses
  • Additional 30-60 min. press uptime per press/shift

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