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Apollo 20k

100% Quality Assurance for HP indigo 20000 digital press


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100% Quality Assurance for HP indigo 20000 digital press

Designed to suit the HP Indigo 20000 packaging press, AVT Apollo 20K is integrated into the press rewind section, supporting inspection of any material, surface or reverse print.
A robust and reliable automatic 100% quality assurance solution exclusively for wide web digital packaging applications.
The system seamlessly inspects transparent, flexible, or reflective substrates used in the packaging and labels industry.

Apollo 20K automatically detects print and substrate defects, to ensure and verify print content. The system compares the original PDF file to the current print, alerting the operator at an early stage on any deviation to ensure perfect print quality and minimum waste.

The system can be easily installed on the HP 20000 press press to achieve online quality assurance and process control

The Apollo 20K system significantly decreases production time, supports the shorter runs of digital printing, automates manual processes, and provides valuable waste savings.

The system’s high resolution and high speed ensure print quality, data validity, barcode and number tracking, as well as DeltaE color monitoring – all in one pass!

How it works

Apollo 20K detects a variety of print defects, including color variations, misprints, low contrast defects, mis-registration, spots, and splashes.

Apollo 20K visually indicates the precise location and type of each defect, while in parallel, the system records all relevant defect data into roll reports. An easy to view color-coded light tower informs operators when a defect is detected, so that errors can be addressed and corrected in real-time.

The system provides full process control and trend monitoring, in addition to a comprehensive quality assurance package.

Workflow, Archiving & Reporting

The ZeroSet module enables JDF connectivity with an Esko Automation Engine to continuously inspect 100% of the printed material while jobs and designs are changing on press.

Equipped with a built-in PrintFlow module, the system automatically stores all job data in job archiving for fast setup in the case of reprints, while detection data is logged into the system’s roll and job reporting, including defect location, defect images, and print quality statistics. Operators use in-line reporting to review job/order/roll reports, edit and export final reports to digital files, or to AVT WorkFlow Link to automatically connect to rewinders or slitters, and efficiently remove defective material prior to shipment. The system’s PrintFlow Manager collects relevant PrintFlow data from multiple systems, so that managers and key personnel can easily monitor, analyze and control production quality from their desktop PCs.


  • Boosts Productivity

    Apollo 20K ensures consistent print quality on every job, significantly increasing overall press productivity and short runs printing. Users benefit from fast ROI and save valuable time and resources with exceptional fast and easy press set-up and deployment. In turn, customers benefit greatly by reducing waste, resources and production costs, while preventing customer rejections.

  • Unmatched Print Quality

    Apollo 20K delivers 100% quality assurance and print process control, with full support of all web presses, substrates, and applications. The system detects and alerts on a wide variety of print defects, visually indicates the precise location and type of each defect, marking them for further analysis, archiving and reporting, to achieve 100% quality on every print job.

  • Innovative Print Inspection Process

    Fully-automated, the Apollo 20K inspection process provides an intuitive user interface, equipped with an easy-to-use online guide, minimizing job set-up time, and detecting critical defects in real time. The system categorizes defects according to defect type, with easy on-screen view, and indicates the precise defect location on the full repeat image.

  • Works seamlessly on any application and substrate

    Supports all web press substrates and applications, including transparent and flexible substrates, foils, paper and cartons, used in the wide web packaging industry.

  • Barcode verification

    100% verification of printed barcodes; checks/alerts for barcode decoding, quality and ANSI grading.

  • Regions of Interest (ROI) and “step and repeat” setup

    All required setup can be done on one package and automatically set to “step and repeat” on all other packages. The system enables setting different sensitivities/profiles to different regions in the package, for enhanced detection in key areas, or to reduce sensitivities in less critical areas.

  • Illumination control

    Separate control of each illumination source (diffusive, reflective, backlight), is relevant when more than one illumination option is installed (optional Translight and Reflective modules) and enables best image quality and inspection on various jobs and applications.

  • Good material count

    Built-in, on-line monitoring of “good to ship” material, ensures sufficient good material is printed prior to the next job change.

  • Inspection Profiles

    Fast, easy generation for seamless set-up and improved control of quality standards.

Optional Modules

To further support the packaging and labels industry, all predefined Apollo 20K bundles include a rich and varied selection of optional add-on modules built to enhance and support your print inspection process, ensuring 100% quality assurance and process control on every print job.

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