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CDI Features

Flexible resolutions and speed

All CDI optics feature fully variable imaging resolution between 2000 and 2540ppi via the standard Optics. The HighRes Optics take care of fully variable imaging resolution between 2400 and 4000ppi. This delivers a significantly extended tonal range with smooth vignettes and exceptional highlights and shadows. Imaging resolution can be easily adjusted from job to job.

Imaging speed depends on the modular laser optics you have selected for your own CDI. The CDI Advance Cantilever can match the fastest plate processing equipment available in the industry.

For special security applications,resolution can be increased to 10160ppi.

CDI - Flexo plate quality

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Powerful and dedicated front-end

Grapholas is the dedicated CDI front-end, accepting 1- bit TIFF or LEN-files from Esko’s FlexRip or any third party RIP. The Grapholas Merger feature intelligently arranges your jobs on a virtual plate before sending them for exposure on the CDI.

Optimized imaging

PlatePrep is a powerful software tool developed for remote platemaking and for production distributed among several CDIs. It allows operators to easily allocate jobs over various sites, while maintaining centralized control over quality and consistency.

Plate handling

The EasyLoad off-line plate-loading table provides safe, damage-free and distortionfree plate handling throughout the entire plate making process, from loading to unloading in the imager, UV-exposure or washer. The table includes a helpful plate-cutting tool.

Sleeves: a seamless way to flexo

Today there is a steady trend of converters who are adopting flexo sleeve technology. Using sleeves increases the printing press speed and delivers perfect register. There are no deformed or distorted sleeves after processing, resulting in the best geometric accuracy. Digital flexo sleeves can compete with gravure to print snack food wrappers, pouches, and frozen food bags that typically carry continuous images and only require a single cut prior to packing and sealing.

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