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Welcome to next generation Cape Pack! Cape Pack enables you to optimize your primary product size for shipping, create new case sizes, build efficient pallet patterns, analyze compression strength of cases and pallets, and improve material and cube utilization.


Cape Pack delivers next generation palletization in the Cloud, and is the first to offer an end-to-end solution via a Cloud platform, from data input and calculations to reporting.

Additional new cloud features enable you to:

  • Save all information in the cloud for easy viewing and sharing.
  • Easily share palletization reports complete with load formatting, edited layer patterns and truck analysis data.

The new interface makes it very easy for users to make critical, up-to-the-minute, changes shareable within anyone, anywhere. As a result, you can accelerate design and approval processes and cut cycle times. Whilst at the same time building more efficient pallet patterns and optimizing cube space utilization.

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22.11 release

Optimize your product pallets and shipments

Available as a subscription

Cape is available as a software subscription, you have access to the latest version, you can adapt your subscription to your workload, there’s no large investment, there are no maintenance fees…

Optimized palletization
how does it work?

Start with an existing case size, an existing product size or use Cape Pack to determine the most appropriate size for a new product.

  • Enter product dimensions.
  • Specify case/tray type, pick a pallet and enter maximum load weight and height.
  • Calculate and view case counts and pallet loads.
  • Choose a palleting load and create a report which you can print, email, upload to the cloud or use to interface with another program application.
Cape Pack - How does it work?

Check these palletization use cases

Download our Cape palletizing Use Cases and see how other companies save impressive amounts of money while reducing their carbon foot print.

Round trip between Cape and ArtiosCAD

Drastically save time and money by aligning your packaging design and shipping. Benefit from the software synergy between two leading software tools: Cape Pack palletizing software and structural design editor ArtiosCAD.

Find out more about ArtiosCAD...


ArtiosCAD links to CAPE software to determine palletization configurations very quickly. We removed 15-20% of the cost of a project by the reduction of fiber. There were also pallet-handling efficiencies of 10-15%. Overall savings were about 30%.

Rod Goudreau, VP Business Development, Abbott-Action

Did you know?

A global corrugated packaging supplier saved 909,000 miles or 1,454,400 km, which equals two trips back and forth to the moon.

Cape Pack - Did you know?
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