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AVT Varnish Inspection Module

A New Era of Varnish Coating Inspection for Printed Labels
Achieve unparalleled quality in your print production process with our patented breakthrough Varnish Inspection solution.
photo of AVT Print Inspection system

Add an Extra Layer of Precision to Your Current Inspection Setup

AVT Varnish Inspection uses state-of-the-art imaging techniques to analyze varnish coting layers. Proprietary algorithms identify imperfections and inconsistencies unseen by other inspection solutions.

Enable Viewing and Inspection of Varnish and Coating

The Varnish Inspection Module provides inspection without the need to add UV sensitive pigments or any other additives to your varnish. Events such as varnish miss-register, partial starvation and full starvation can be detected simultaneously with the existing defect detection.

Screenshot of AVT Varnish Inspection starvationScreenshot of AVT Varnish Inspection misregister

Key Advantages of AVT Varnish Inspection

One System Does It All

Print inspection, varnish inspection, barcode verification, variable data, color and any other process and quality needs, done in parallel with no compromise, at highest production speeds!

No UV Additives Required

Say goodbye to the hassle of adding UV additives to your varnish. The Varnish Inspection Module provides comprehensive inspection without the need for additional substances.

Broad Compatibility

Our innovation works seamlessly with countless types of varnish coatings. Whether it is matte, glossy, or tactile, our technology delivers amazing viewing and inspection results.

Unmatched Accuracy

The precise, detailed inspection of our solution ensures varnish coating defects such as miss-register, partial and full varnish starvation are detected immediately once starting.

Get Started with AVT Print Inspection

Explore Esko print inspection solutions for cutting-edge process control, quality assurance, and print management for packaging, labels, and commercial print production.

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