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AVT AutoSet

Automatic Job Preparation for Print Inspection
Automate and reduce job setup time on any sized print run.


Automate Job Setup and Eliminate Manual Intervention

Streamline prepress to press room – automate and reduce job setup time on any sized print run.

How AVT AutoSet Works

Automatic Job Setup & Verification

Job dimensions, image inspection limits are set automatically. Print image validation against the digital PDF file is done automatically.

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Automatic Identification

AVT AutoSet automatically identifies barcodes, text, inspection limits, and dielines for print defect detection and trend analysis.


Easy Inspection Preparation

After Automation Engine prepares an inspection package, a press operator need only scan a barcode for AVT AutoSet to load the specific job.

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Key Benefits of AVT AutoSet

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Increase Press Utilization

Reduce setup time by 5 minutes per job and enable 30-60 additional minutes of press uptime per shift.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Reduce human error by eliminating manual processes.

Minimize customer rejections

Limit the chances of customer rejections due to poor quality.

Get Started with AVT AutoSet

Explore Esko print inspection solutions for cutting-edge process control, quality assurance, and print management for packaging, labels, and commercial print production.

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