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The most direct route to boosting efficiency is by leveraging hyper-connectivity
through the design, prepress and delivery stages of packaging development.
WebCenter can help you do exactly this.

  • Overcome industry challenges by connecting departments and processes
  • Learn how to make the best use of your team’s time
  • Turn around more jobs, more quickly – without increasing headcount

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3 benefits of WebCenter

  1. Use project data capture as a commercial advantage: By creating a central repository for information, data and design, WebCenter transforms information into projects.
  2. Reinvent your approval process: Manage parallel and staged stakeholder amends and approvals with ease with WebCenter’s file viewing platform.
  3. Store and manage assets safely and effectively: With WebCenter’s asset management tools and dashboard features, handling, archiving and retrieving assets is super simple.

To learn how you can optimize your design workflow, download our guide

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Create a connected design workflow with WebCenter