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Request a free AVT System Health Check

Get the most out of your print inspection! You are now eligible for our free Print Inspection Health Check service.

How does it work?

An experienced member of our team will arrange an on-site session to appraise the performance of your print inspection system and make recommendations as needed. Don't worry, the system requires no down time for the health check to be carried out.

What we'll be looking for:

  • Do you have stable print inspection?
  • Do your operators have adequate experience and training?
  • Can you improve job set up time?
  • Do you know how to use all of the available features?
  • Does your IT department know how to connect the print inspection to other technology systems?

To apply for your free health check, simply click the link below to register! One of our specialists will be in touch shortly to set up an appointment.

Please note, we will require access to your software servers, including usernames and passwords, for admin and system admin access on site via MS Teams or phone.

This service is only available to current customers in the UK, Ireland, and Nordic region.