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Save time, improve operator efficiency and eliminate manual scanning with inline color measurement

Are you relying on the visual judgement of your operators for color management? Are multiple operators spending hours collecting sample after sample with spectrophotometers, to ensure colors are as they should be?

While customer demand for color measurement and reporting continues to grow – there is an easier way to meet it – and to make it a seamless part of your workflow.

Prevent waste:

With an offline tool, you need to take samples when your press isn’t running. But how often do you stop the press to do so? The impracticality means thousands of meters of material go by before your operator measures at the end of each roll. By this point, it’s too late to rectify color inconsistencies. With inline measurement… You’ll gain consistent measurements mid roll on the moving web, so your operators can quickly and easily respond to color changes – reducing the need for reruns.

Increase customer satisfaction:

Your customer calls to say they think the colors on their job aren’t quite right. With measurements only taken at the end of rolls, you can’t be sure one way or the other, even if your operators are confident in their checks. It’s a tough position to be in, right? With inline measurement… You automatically collect and log color measurements throughout each printer roll. You can easily investigate color complaints and, if you need to push back on your customer, you’ll have tangible proof that the color is within the specified tolerance.

Increase operator efficiency:

Several members of your team spend most of their time collecting color samples from each and every roll of every job, before using an offline spectrophotometer to measure color bars, and manually enter data into a color management application to generate reports. We’re tired just thinking about it! With inline measurement… You’ll automatically collect all color measurements inline and export them to a central location – while freeing your operators to work on more valuable tasks. Then one of your specialists can load the measurements into the color management application and create the reports. Easy!