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KB73059246: Licensing - How to activate or deactivate licenses

How can you activate or deactivate Esko licenses? There are different options to choose from...

DeskPack Plugins for Adobe® Illustrator® 16 System Requirements

The following are the minimum system requirements for DeskPack Plugins for Adobe® Illustrator® 16.

KB93520339: What is my Company Code and how can I find it

I need to provide my Company Code to Esko in order to register for an Esko ID. How can I find my Company Code?

KB79694227: Licensing - Where do I find my product keys or product key files

I want to start using my Esko software, but I first need a product key or a product key file to activate the licenses. Where do I find these?

Imaging Engine 16 Powered by Adobe® System Requirements

The following are the minimum system requirements for Imaging Engine 16 Powered by Adobe®.

KB182033318: Do Esko products support macOS Sierra

MacOS Sierra (10.12) is the next update of Apple's MAC OS X operating system. It will be available on Sep 20th, 2016.

KB182953871: Are the Esko plugins supported on Adobe® Illustrator® CC 2017 and Adobe® Photoshop® CC2017

On November 2nd 2016, Adobe® released an update to their Creative Cloud® with updates of Adobe® Illustrator® and Adobe® Photoshop®:

KB87955653: FLEXlm License Manager - Service will not start: Error 1067

When trying to start the FLEXlm License Manager service, the service can not be started and the following error message appears:

De la comunidad

Wish list of features to be shown on the website?

It would be great to have a 'Wish' list of features shown on the website for voting purpose, and the status shown for our 'Wish' list sent to production manager, to be shown under our 'Cases'...

Check if filename has been used before

I need to check AE to see if a filename of a PDF has been used before for a specific client, in order not to duplicate the job. Would this be possible?

Kongsberg - Drag knife is chipping ink. How can i fix this?

While scoring APET material the drag knife will chip ink off while creasing material. Tried to cut from the back but material would slip.

ArtiosCAD - add creases to 3d hardware tool in artios

Working with the Add 3d Hardware tool, I'd like to modifiy a few of the included hooks to create a scored slot.

How to convert Artpro Files to Normalised PDF without adding any inks?

We're finding that when we receive Artpro files or converted Artpro files, the number of inks increases exponentially (at least double but normally more)

Does the XL46 table need calibrating?

Does the XL46 table need calibrating as I have some pads cut and they all seem to be slightly different in size by 1mm, in and x and y axis. Does this require an engineer visit, or a solution within the table set up.

How do I calculate cutting die cost and have it show on my report output?

IHey there, I've burned a number of hours trying to build in a calculated cutting die cost for initial quoting based on formulas I got from my die supplier.

Why is millimeters the default of AE?

I'm sure there is a simple answer to this. Why is the default measurement calculations in millimeters?

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