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Extended Gamut Printing
Achieve more and better colors by adding extra colors to the traditional CMYK range.

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Extended Gamut Printing

Achieve more and better colors with extended gamut printing which adds extra colors to the traditional CMYK range.

With Equinox, printers don’t need to rely on spot inks as frequently – increasing productivity and reducing cost of inks.

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Easy Color Conversion with Equinox

Predictable Color Conversion

Equinox offers predictable color conversion, which means that you can tell whether colors are out of a gamut before the conversion.

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Easily Create Profiles

The Equinox profile creator has a straightforward user interface and powerful functions that enable users to get the most accurate print results.

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Pantone Extended Gamut Guide

A visual reference for printing Pantone colors in expanded gamut that helps determine when to select extended gamut, CMYK, or a spot color.

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Meet Brand Color Standards with Reduced Costs

With Equinox, printers do not have to change spot inks for every packaging job, so they can increase productivity of their presses while reducing ink costs.

This improves quality and consistency – reducing costs without compromising color accuracy and printing quality.

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Choose Your Gamut

Equinox allows you to convert spot colors to CMYK or use expanded gamut printing. Depending on the print application and requirements, a CMYK fixed ink set may be able to replace some or all spot colors. Equinox provides complete predictability on the gamut and accuracy you can achieve with any ink set.

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Benefits of Extended Gamut Printing with Equinox

Reduce Inventory of Spot Color Inks

Streamline inks and cut costs – Equinox minimizes reliance on spot inks, reducing inventory expenses.

Decrease wash-ups on press

Reduce the need for frequent press wash-ups, boosting efficiency and cutting downtime.

Increase productivity with reduced downtime between jobs

Enhance press productivity by minimizing downtime between various printing jobs.

Achieve brand color matching across printing technologies

Ensure uniform color across different printing processes, maintaining brand integrity.

Predictable color conversion

Equinox provides reliable color conversion, ensuring accurate and high-quality printing results.

Enable ganging of jobs on press

Combine multiple jobs on a single press run to maximize press capacity.

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