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Limit press downtime: eliminate color changes

Print brand colors accurately
with a fixed set of inks

Demand for shorter packaging production runs for targeted campaigns and product variations are increasing. The packaging printer needs to meet these challenges in a time and cost effective way.

By converting spot colors to a fixed ink set, you can reduce downtime between jobs and increase productivity. There are two ways of doing this:

  • Convert spot colors to CMYK and eliminate spot colors where possible
  • Standardize on expanded gamut (CMYK + 2 or 3 extra inks)

Benefits of extended gamut printing with Equinox

  • Reduce inventory of spot color inks
  • Less wash-ups on press
  • Increased productivity with reduced downtime between jobs
  • Enable ganging of jobs on press
  • Achieve brand color matching across printing technologies


Our goal was to limit press downtime caused by color changes. By using the same set of inks for all print jobs, expanded gamut printing eliminates the need for wash-ups when switching jobs and it reduces make-ready times.

Cédric Ladroue, General Manager, Statim, France

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Choose your gamut

Equinox allows you to convert spot colors to CMYK as well as having the option of expanded gamut printing.

Depending on the print application and the requirements of the brand owner, a CMYK fixed ink set may be able to replace some or all of the spot colors.

Using Equinox you can easily work with the standard or extended ink set that best meets the needs of the brand owner. Equinox provides complete predictability on the gamut and accuracy you can achieve with any ink set, allowing you to make the optimal choice.

CMYK Spot Colors

Extended gamut printing

Use Equinox with the PANTONE® Extended Gamut Guide

The PANTONE Extended Gamut Guide gives a visual reference for printing a PANTONE color in expanded gamut. This will help designers and brand owners decide when to select extended gamut, CMYK or a spot color for their packaging.

Implementation of Expanded Gamut at the converter requires a good tool set and Equinox is the ideal solution. Based on printing process and substrate, Equinox can calculate the optimum color conversion to match the PANTONE Extended Gamut reference, and implement this in the workflow.

Equinox and the PANTONE Extended Gamut Guide are an ideal combination.


Thanks to Equinox we can now offer higher quality, more saleable print with less color differentiation. We have boosted our color space and regularly use extended gamut printing. It is a major innovation being able to print PANTONE colors with just seven inks and it helps us to save an average of 25% in inks.

Evgeny Lungin, Head of Prepress for Uniflex, Belarus Operation

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