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What is the best CAD editor for POS design?

Point of purchase (POP) or point of sale (POS) displays are everywhere

Companies all over the world use displays to increase shelf shout in supermarket isles, or on counters for a wide range of products: food, toys, beauty and health care…

Not surprisingly, a lot of people are specializing in the design and production of POP and POS displays. It’s no wonder why: the mark-up on 3D finished products is too attractive to ignore. Especially when compared to much more commoditized items as 2D finished material (signage, banners…)

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How to get started
with POS display design

Designing POS displays in house can be done in a number of ways. Some companies use ordinary CAD software, some companies spend a lot of time and do it in applications as Adobe® Illustrator®. The challenge is to work around the lack of packaging CAD functionality.

Smart companies use dedicated CAD editors like Esko’s ArtiosCAD. ArtiosCAD is the number one CAD editor for point of sale display design.

ArtiosCAD: the ultimate design editor
for retail display design

ArtiosCAD comes with a Drafting tools built for productive design

Around the world, ArtiosCAD proves that no other packaging and POS display design editor delivers faster throughput. Powerful 2D drafting tools deliver real power to structural designers.  The tools use extensive graphical feedback, making ArtiosCAD very precise, yet very easy to learn and use.

Produce endless variations with display designs from the ArtiosCAD Display Store

Design tools for POS design

Many of the design tools work automatically and this makes designers extremely productive. The Automatic Drafting tool, for example, automatically snaps to horizontal or vertical alignments, midpoints... It reduces the need for construction lines and allows you to work much faster.

You can start from scratch or use the library of parametric rebuildable design templates. Just enter the dimensions and ArtiosCAD builds the rest of your display automatically. Dedicated assembly tools connect all the display components and 3D functionality allows you to work quickly and accurately.

Hit the ground running:
download POS display designs

If your company doesn’t have in-house CAD expertise just yet, designing custom POS designs may seem impossible.

The ArtiosCAD Display Store, however, makes designing alluring displays possible for everyone. Businesses that have production equipment for making POS displays but do not have the design capabilities can download templates for a wide range of point of sale display stands.

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