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error-free Gravure prepress

Esko software solutions have packaging knowledge at the very core. ArtPro+ and the DeskPack collection of prepress plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator offer dedicated rotogravure functionality:

  • All necessary prepress tools for pre-flighting, editing, trapping, distortion, barcodes and more inside one editor.
  • Reverse trapping, or negative trapping: especially for fry offset printing on metal substrates, the reverse trapping creates a white trap between printed areas of different inks avoiding overprinting.
  • Quick generation of additional separations such as varnishes and whites.
  • ArtPro directly generates gravure Tiffs for all electromechanical engraving devices like Hell, Daetwyler (Ohio)...
  • Rotogravure jobs often share cylinders to reduce printing costs, guaranty printing stability and consistency. Therefore the graphics across different designs need to be made compatible. This level of editing is only possible with ArtPro+ or DeskPack.
Gravure prepress tools
  • A dedicated gravure quality control toolkit: WYSIWYG viewer, version compare, White Underprint generation…
  • Thin parts detection: identify objects in the design that are too thin to print in gravure and fix them based on a minimum object width setting.
  • High level of integration with workflow automation, color management and proofing solutions
  • CAD-Graphics integration becomes more and more important. This kind of integration reduces waste and errors.
Gravure prepress tools
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