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Color Engine: Color Management Software

Color consistency =
critical for brand recognition

Esko software enables color management across the packaging and print supply chain. At the heart of all Esko software applications is a central color database for all color critical data. Color consistency is critical in brand recognition. Defining accurate brand and spot color standards is the first step in maintaining consistency. The next step is using these color standards in all packaging design and production applications

Brand color management


Color Pilot

Color Pilot is a color management tool that enables you to set up and manage all color critical data. This enables you to accurately predict what the brand colors will look like on the finished pack, even before the brand owner has signed off on the production.

The central color database inside Esko software helps to communicate color information to all stakeholders in the packaging supply chain. Brand owners, designers, prepress houses, converters, ink factories, printers all need to work with the same set of color data.

Benefits of Esko Color Management

Color consistency

  • In combination with the color database, The Color Pilot provides the perfect tool set for creating and maintaining critical brand colors, creation of spot color profiles and other color conversion settings.
  • The Esko color software maintains consistency throughout a production environment by ensuring every application and operator works with the same color critical data.

Color independence

  • Esko software uses spectral color information to retain true color independence. Working with spectral data means you can specify the required light source when managing color.
  • It is now possible to manage color for every device used within packaging and print production, including monitors, proofers, presses and digital presses. Esko software workflows make it simple to convert between different color spaces: RGB, CMYK, Spot or MultiColor.

MultiColor or extended gamut printing workflows with Equinox

Esko software truly excels when it comes to MultiColor or extended gamut printing. Unique Equinox profiles make the difference in printability and accuracy. Equinox tools integrated inside ArtPro+, Automation Engine and Adobe Photoshop make light work of converting your artworks and images to extended gamut.

With Equinox, Esko offers you a total solution for the implementation of extended gamut printing. Equinox standardizes your printing presses on any set of 5, 6 or 7 inks of your choice. With this, your press change-over workload between jobs is reduced to merely changing printing plates.

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Color accurate proofing
with Pack Proof

Pack Proof is the perfect solution for color accurate proofing of packaging designs. It can accurately model the spot color and expanded gamut ink systems used to print brand colors, delivering a contract proof that matches the final packaging first time and every time.

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Increase the efficiency of your press with Color Preflight

Color Preflight for Automation Engine increases the efficiency of the press. It allows operators to use the most efficient ink set and reduce unnecessary print time. Color Preflight for Automation Engine also allows you to make use of EPM (Enhanced Productivity Mode) with confidence.

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Color Excellence

Esko color experts can settle color issues before going to press, customer color expectations are met. Our color excellence programs ensure that printed pieces will be accurate and require very little tweaking to match the proof. Get color right the first time, every time.

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