Color Management System

Predictable brand color everywhere (and everywhere the same)

Your brand color is a crucial asset in building brand equity. Unfortunately, color on your final packaging can often fail to live up to your expectations. The complexity is real: with multiple substates, printing processes, suppliers and locations, achieving color consistency can be difficult.

  • Is your brand color predictable?
  • Challenged to predict brand colors accurately?
  • Problems producing brand colors globally?
  • Ever been forced to compromise on color consistency?
  • Looking for a color management system that works throughout your workflow?

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Brand color management

Brand color management

Color consistency, predictability and repeatability demand well integrated color management. PantoneLIVE is a revolutionary cloud based database of over 230,000 packaging inks, modeled on many packaging substrates. PantoneLIVE brings standardized, predictable, repeatable color management to all actors in the packaging supply chain.

Designers design within Adobe Creative Suite using a brand color pallet and see a realistic preview of their chosen inks / substrates, enabling informed decision making right at the start of the process.

A color management system with a heart for packaging

Esko Color Management software helps manage color and set the correct expectations so you get the results that you need. Starting right up front with packaging design, plugins for Adobe Illustrator help designers select and visualize the right inks for your brand. Proofing technology in Color Engine accurately predicts how the final packaging will look on the selected substrate. Prepress tools at your supplier make sure that your color is managed through the rest of the workflow. Esko’s Color Management systems, from design through to production, eliminate nasty color surprises and protect your brand equity.

Esko’s Color Engine embeds color management functionality in the entire workflow. It combines CMYK profiles with patented spectral profiles for spot colors that are individually profiled and is natively connected to PantoneLIVE.

This allows for predictable & accurate local & remote inkjet proofing and capability to truly embrace all printing processes including digital within your print strategy.

A color management system with a heart for packaging
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