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Create shelf ready packaging that works.

Esko offers a number of software solutions for the design and testing of shelf ready packaging and displays.

Download our free guide "The ultimate toolbox for efficient packaging design" and find out what functionality makes designers ultra-efficient.

Products that come in shelf-ready packaging (SRP) or retail-ready packaging (RRP) can be easily placed on the shelf without the need for unpacking or repacking. The biggest cost of any retailer is the store floor personnel that spend hours restocking products. Retail ready packaging is designed to minimize this cost.

  • Dedicated 2D and 3D drafting tools
  • Integration with Adobe® Illustrator®
  • A library of packaging- and display standards
  • A library of packaging materials
  • And much more...
The toolbox for efficient packaging design

The ultimate toolbox for efficient packaging design

Download this free document now

Designing shelf ready packaging

"The whole idea of SRP is that the people in charge of restocking the shelves can do so as fast as possible."

Designing the right perforations for example makes a world of difference. Design packaging that can be easily restocked in a single action, and doesn’t generate too much waste.

Obviously, this kind of packaging needs to be easy for customers to handle as well. It should be straight forward to remove the primary product packaging from the retail ready packaging.

ArtiosCAD is the world’s most popular CAD editor for primary and retail ready packaging; and POP and POS displays.

Test retail ready packaging

Retail ready packs deserve as much attention as primary packaging. They should be designed and tested with as much care and consideration. To be sure that your packaging fits on every level, check it in a virtual store. Store Visualizer is the perfect way to see what your brand presence will look like in the one place it matters the most: on the shelves between your competitors.

Store Visualizer allows you to present a complete product launch in 3D, including RRPs, displays and other branded items. You can place items on the floor or put them up on the walls. Or dress up the shelves with branded fronts and dividers. Present the complete store concept for your brand in the most visual way.

Protect brand equity

Packaging is the main ambassador of a brand’s visual equity.

Use HD Flexo to make sure that all your packaging has the same appeal. Esko’s HD Flexo allows you to produce packaging with gravure like quality, even on ‘cheaper’ substrates. This way, your shelf-ready packaging will have the same impact as the primary packs.

The toolbox for efficient packaging design

The ultimate toolbox for efficient packaging design

Download this free document now

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