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Maximize press uptime with flexo prepress & project management

Flexo prepress made easy

Getting incoming jobs quickly on the press without sacrificing quality, that's what Esko's flexo prepress solutions do.

There are fully automatic prepress workflows, but experienced operators can also use dedicated editors or flexo plug-ins in Adobe® Photoshop® to get the job done.


7 reasons to work with an Esko flexo platemaking workflow

7 reasons to work with an Esko flexo plate making workflow

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Deep flexo know-how, now for everybody

Esko’s Print Control Wizard collects all print condition parameters (i.e. substrate, press, anilox, plate type, tape…). The Print Condition Wizard uses Esko’s deep flexo know-how to automatically create the perfect attributes (e.g. dot gain curves, screens…) for the Esko Imaging Engine to use to rip the file. There is no need for highly skilled staff anymore.

With this flexo software, the prepress department is able to send jobs directly to the imager, freeing up other operators.

Manage more jobs without increasing head count!

Project management for packaging & labels

Esko's online packaging management solution makes it easy for you to create and manage the growing number of projects and print runs.

This solution digitizes and streamlines the overall processes and optimizes both internal and external communication. It provides deep insights in your operations through KPI dashboards that help you drive continuous improvement and shortens project lead time.

What's more, this solution integrates with your MIS and prepress; and it scales smoothly as more users and projects are involved.

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Since implementing the solution, our packaging production speed has increased by 25%. As there are fewer manual settings required, the amount of operator errors has also decreased. This is an absolute must in our industry today.    

Mark Lehmann, Chief Technical Officer, Permapack (Switzerland)

Get started with project management in 5 days

It's very easy to get project management rolled out in your company.

  • You are up and running with this business transformation within a week
  • Clear path forward to bring more optimization, configuration and process expansion
  • Integration with prepress and MIS system available
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