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CDI Spark & Advance

Flexo Plate Imagers
Caters to small & large plates, tag & label, flexible packaging, folding carton, & corrugated segments.

Photo of CDI Spark imager 4835

An Imager for Every Application

You can choose and configure a CDI to match your current production needs and expand capabilities as your business grows. The CDI Spark family can accommodate all plate sizes, including any brand of digital plate and processing method.

See the CDI Spark Range
CDI Spark
CDI Spark 4835

One Imager for All Your Media

Our market leading CDIs can image digital (LAMS coated) flexo, letterpress (polyester- and, optional, metal based), and chemistry free offset plates, including digital silk screens and chemistry-free film.

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Seamless Sleeves with the CDI Advance Cantilever

Boost press speed and flawless registration by eliminating sleeve deformation and distortion, guaranteeing geometric precision. Digital flexo sleeves rival gravure in printing snack food wrappers, pouches, and frozen food bags with continuous images, with just one cut before packing and sealing.

CDI Advance Cantilever 1750

The Benefits of a CDI Spark Imager

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Reliable Productivity

Reduce downtime and optimize the production process for consistent, high-quality plate imaging.

Imagers for Your Every Need

Adapt to changing production needs and requirements with our variety of digital flexo imagers.

Proven Laser Imaging Technology & High-Resolution Optics

Precise and consistent plate imaging results deliver exceptional print quality for flexo projects.

CDI Spark Models

CDI Spark 1712

Max. Plate Size: 17” x 12”
Max. Productivity: 0.75m2/h

CDI Spark 2120

Max. Plate Size: 21” x 20”
Max. Productivity: 1.0m2/h

CDI Spark 2420

Max. Plate Size: 24” x 20”
Max. Productivity: 1.5m2/h

CDI Spark 2530

Max. Plate Size: 25” x 30”
Max. Productivity: 2.5m2/h

CDI Spark 4835

Max. Plate Size: 48” x 35”
Max. Productivity: 8.0m2/h

CDI Spark 4260

Max. Plate Size: 42” x 60”
Max. Productivity: 8.0m2/h

CDI Spark 5080

Max. Plate Size: 50” x 80”
Max. Productivity: 8.0m2/h

Other CDI Models

CDI Advance Models

CDI Advance Cantilever 1450

Max. Productivity: 8.0m2/h

CDI Advance Cantilever 1750

Max. Productivity: 8.0m2/h

CDI Advance Cantilever

Flexo Innovations You Won’t See Anywhere Else

Esko is the undisputed global market leader in digital flexo imaging. Esko’s flexo solutions continue to innovate by pushing flexographic print quality to new standards. Flexo plate production has never been this straightforward.

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