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OEM Solutions for digital presses: the Esko DFE

Esko’s partnership with
Global Inkjet Systems (GIS)

Esko’s partnership with Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) ensures a comprehensive end to end workflow. The Esko DFE, GIS Atlas software, and GIS hardware and ink delivery system modules, are supplemented by expert services from Esko and GIS, to deliver seamlessly integrated solutions capable meeting the needs of any press manufacturer.

Visualizer for digital printing

Visualizer for digital printing

You spend too much time in the mock-up process. Customers are demanding faster turnarounds and more accurate mock-ups.

  • The solution
    Combine graphics, print and CAD data to create on-screen mock-ups. This way you optimize the process, reducing mock-up costs and overall time to market.
  • This includes
    Preflight for Illustrator, boostX, Image Extractor for Illustrator, Viewer for Illustrator, Dynamic Tables, web training.

The Esko DFE features

  • Adobe PDF Print Engine for fast, reliable, industry standard rendering of artwork.
  • Integrated color management optimized for labels and packaging.
  • A simple wizard-driven interface that enables the accurate management of brand colors.
  • A layout processor which applies packaging step and repeat and print marks.
  • A VDP expansion processor for packaging variable data.
  • A controller which directs the flow of jobs through the Esko DFE components and stores parameters, configurations etc.
  • A user facing configuration, job monitoring, status and control tool which interfaces to the workflow server on the Esko DFE.

Easy integration with the wider Esko product ecosystem e.g. Automation Engine.

Workflow for digital printing

You notice that your operators are re-entering data multiple times which is prone to errors. You need to reduce the volume of repetitive tasks, and improve your visibility of job status.

  • The solution
    This solution automates the prepress workflow processes, including job to file management, improves internal communication & visibility of your workflow.
  • This includes
    Automation Engine, Job Administration, Job Database, Email Notification, Reportmaker Task, Viewer QC Tool, Tabular Stepping Task, Archive Task, Training.

Database for digital printing

Data exists in an MIS system. This data will be used from its source location ensuring a single entry point for further down the line automation.

  • The Solution
    Initiate your workflow from your database and update the MIS system with the progress. Use industry file standards to accomplish true automation and consistent communication.
  • This includes
    Automation Engine JDF integration with your ERP/MIS database and Training.
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