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Successfully integrate a digital press with conventional printing technologies.

You have invested in a digital press!

To make your digital press as profitable as possible, you will need to process, prepare and print a lot of short run jobs. Your prepress team will spend a lot of time manipulating, cleaning, and making files consistent before they are ready to be printed. Your operators may have to re-enter data multiple times.

Calculate how much you can save by automating your label and packaging prepress!


Handling of short run orders requires a very high degree of automation in order to meet shorter lead times, while sustaining profitability.

Peter Overbeek, Managing Director, the Netherlands

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The challenge

Jobs are getting shorter and are increasing in frequency; prepress is spending more time manipulating, cleaning, and making files consis tent. Customers are demanding faster turnarounds, leading to more overtime & lower profitability.

The solution

A straightforward packaging design editor standardizes preflight and editing. This brings down file preparation time by up to 50%. Comes on MAC and PC, stand alone or as a set of plug-ins in Adobe® Illustrator®. Or automate and integrate your complete workflow with an workflow automation server.

More about Automation Engine, ArtPro (Mac), PackEdge (PC) or DeskPack (Adobe® Illustrator®, Mac and PC).

DeskPack - Dynamic Barcodes


At the moment K+D is able to match 95% of the Pantone colors by using the Equinox technology.

Markus Naegeli, Head of Sales and Marketing, K+D AG, Switzerland

Accurate brand colors with a fixed ink set

In the packaging and label industry, both brand owners and converters traditionally prefer spot colors to match a specific color and improve print stability.

Since ever shorter print runs are increasing, the constant washing and setting up of presses between jobs threaten profit margins.

With extended gamut printing, the packaging printer is able to print the equivalent of spot colors without the production overhead.

Equinox is Esko´s prepress solution for the implementation of extended gamut printing.

Equinox standardizes your printing presses on any set of 4, 5, 6 or 7 inks of your choice. With extended gamut software the colors are digitally pre-mixed in prepress. With this, you not only save on inks and plates, but also time, as the workload between jobs is reduced to merely changing printing plates.

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Integrated contract proofing

The challenge

A proof on press is the perfect proof but it brings down the press’ productivity, it is expensive and time-consuming.

The solution

PackProof is a proofing solution that predicts the press result and tells you how many colors you need on your digital press.

Find out more about PackProof.

Digital printing - Integrated contract proofing
i-cut Suite - Automate your workflow

Business automation

The challenge

You have a business system that holds your order data. Prepress is a different system and it’s not connected to your order entry system. All data is entered in the different systems separately. This leads to unnecessary administrative overhead and errors.

The solution

Integrate your Business Systems (MIS, ERP, ASP… ) with your prepress workflow. Initiate your workflow from your database and update the MIS system in the progress. Administration and prepress act as one system now. This dramatically increases the number of jobs you produce per day.

Find out more about Automation Engine.

Esko software solutions for HP users

Esko solutions that will protect your margins, streamline your workflow and save time.

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HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging Print Server

HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging Print Server End-to-end optimization for labels and packaging production.

Find out more here.

Esko software solutions for HP users
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