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Successfully integrate a digital press with conventional printing technologies.

You have invested in a digital press!

To make your digital press as profitable as possible, you will need to process, prepare and print a lot of short run jobs. Your prepress team will spend a lot of time manipulating, cleaning, and making files consistent before they are ready to be printed. Your operators may have to re-enter data multiple times.

  • Free up valuable resources by automatically optimizing complex press layouts.
  • Build a smarter, faster, safer, stronger workflow.
  • Leverage predictive intelligence to push your digital press to the max.

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Handling of short run orders requires a very high degree of automation in order to meet shorter lead times, while sustaining profitability.

Peter Overbeek, Managing Director, the Netherlands


Jobs are getting shorter and customers are demanding faster turnarounds. A volatile combination but dedicated prepress carries the load. Free up valuable resources by automatically optimizing complex press layouts with a completely automated workflow solution.

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Automation Engine: a new standard for prepress workflow automation

Color Preflight

Color Preflight for Automation Engine increases the efficiency of the press. It allows operators to use the most efficient ink set and reduce unnecessary print time. Color Preflight for Automation Engine also allows you to make use of EPM with confidence: decide on EPM (or another print mode) based on objective criteria.

HP Indigo customers report improved color consistency and 17 hours extra press capacity per month.

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Variable data printing

Looking for an easy way to create and work with Variable Data Printing (VDP) jobs on a digital printing press? Dynamic VDP for Adobe® Illustrator® is variable data printing software designed specifically for packaging applications such as labels and folding cartons.

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Digital printing - Integrated contract proofing
i-cut Suite - Automate your workflow

Support for mixed printing processes

With Support for Mixed Printing Processes, Esko Automation Engine sets up an automated prepress workflow with an intelligent router that checks the printing process metadata, routing each separation through a dedicated path of an automated workflow.

The result: faster throughput, greater flexibility, more uptime, improved quality of output without duplicate efforts.

Extended gamut printing

Extended gamut printing with Equinox, for example, enables profitable production of short run jobs on conventional flexo presses. Customers to reduce job changeover times and press downtime, produce more short-run jobs per day, and reduce media waste and ink inventories.

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