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Flexo printing is becoming more and more attractive to brands all over the world. Print runs are becoming shorter, so printers are looking for a viable alternative for processes like gravure. Without sacrificing print quality, they want a process that is cost efficient on shorter runs.

Flexographic printing offers that alternative. Esko introduced HD Flexo to the world of flexo printing and ever since, companies are moving production away from gravure. The benefits are too good to ignore: for the first time flexographic print rivals the quality of gravure and letterpress printing.

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HD Flexo - Exceptional flexo printing plates

HD Flexo is the new standard in flexo printing

Bringing consistency, vibrant colors and increased print quality, HD Flexo raises the industry standard in flexographic printing.

Flexographic print now competes with offset for quality labels and with gravure printing for flexible packaging. In addition, digital plate exposure ensures greater consistency in plate production and in printing.

Become HD Flexo Certified

Flexo companies that want to be the best in their field, work with HD Flexo. The fact that they keep innovating, and strive for the best in flexo quality sets them apart from the competition. Esko offers those companies HD Flexo certification. Become HD Flexo Certified and show to the market that your offer supreme flexo printing quality.

HD Flexo certification also allows companies to proof that they offer standardized flexo processes. Standardization means predictable results, which allows everyone to work faster, better, and more cost-effective.

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The best in flexo printing: the benefits

These are some of the benefits HD Flexo brings:

  • Quality level increase of flexo printing
  • HD Flexo enables the standardization of flexographic printing
  • Increases the acceptance of flexo printing at brands
  • Allows conversion from offset and gravure printing to flexo printing

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