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Flexography simplified

Average run-lengths in flexo and gravure printing are getting shorter, and the industry needs ways to produce smaller jobs lengths effectively, with less lead time.

This implies improved on-time delivery of the required flexographic plates. As flexographic print has to be at par with gravure, digital and offset printing, the highest quality and consistency requirements need to be met.

Automation with CDI Crystal 5080 XPS

Produce flexographic plates closer to the press

With Esko’s new Crystal technology digital plate imaging and UV exposure (simultaneously main and back!) are combined in one automated process.

This means that there’s less need for the operator to interfere. This also means that it has become easier for converters to start making their own flexographic plates closer to the press.

CDI Crystal 5080 XPS

Removing flexographic complexity through automation

The flexographic plate making process consists of many complex and manual steps. This not only takes time, it also offers ample opportunity for human errors. With the CDI Crystal 5080 XPS, making flexo plates finally becomes a coordinated, linear process.

The integration and automation of digital imaging and LED UV exposure improves consistency and overall ease of use.

This solution not only frees up valuable operator time but also reduces maintenance and the footprint of your flexographic equipment.

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7 reasons to work with an Esko flexo platemaking workflow

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Reduce manual steps by 50%
Reduce errors by 50% - less plate waste
Reduce operator time by 73%
remove flexographic complexity through automation

Get rid of repetitive tasks

Time spent on manual repetitive tasks during flexographic plate processing should be avoided.

The new automated flexographic platemaking module for Automation Engine allows running a fully automated workflow. Prepare .LEN files automatically for plate making.

The Device Manager moves operational control upstream to the prepress department. Flexo platemaking and digital finishing operations are better integrated with the prepress workflow.

Operators use Device Manager to monitor job statuses, and to manage and prioritize the queues of all connected devices.