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Produce high quality flexographic printing plates

Esko helps you with the production of high quality flexo plates!

Perfect flexo plates quality comes from:

Download the free document "The secret of superior flexo quality", and find out how you can process the best flexographic plates.

But that’s just one way to optimize the flexo plate production. Even though you produce flexo plates of the highest quality, there’s still room for optimization by streamlining your workflow and reducing waste. To get the most out your flexo equipment, talk to Esko.

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#1 preferred printing technology for short-run production: Flexo

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Digital flexo - Reduce flexographic plate waste

Reduce flexographic plate waste

There is a lot of room for workflow optimization in the production of flexo printing plates. You can increase throughput and gain significant cost savings by using Esko’s Flexo Engine.

Introducing: Digital Flexo Suite

The Digital Flexo Suite is a combination of hardware and software that reduces plate waste, eliminates human error and brings automated traceability and accountability to flexographic plates. The Digital Flexo Suite integrates seamlessly with the flexo equipment you already have in place.

The Digital Flexo Suite automatically sends optimized plate files to the CDI for imaging; and cutting layout data the Kongsberg digital cutting table for precision cutting.

The CDI imaging file and the Kongsberg cutting file carry identical names and registration marks that are automatically marked on the flexo printing plate, that make identification, registration, and cutting a piece of cake.

The right plate, every time

Let’s say you have over 8,000 active SKUs, averaging 8 colors per SKU. That is a lot of flexo printing plates to keep track of. The Kongsberg cutting table etches the identification number automatically to each flexo plate. That way you know where each plate should be at all times.

Benefits of an optimized flexo workflow

  • Reduces plate cutting waste to an absolute minimum
  • Automated cutting goes faster
  • Possible human errors are eliminated
  • Traceability and accountability for each plate

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