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Flexo plate making simplified

Flexo plates: reduce lead times and boost quality

Esko offers both hardware and software to produce flexo plates for a wide range of applications.

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CDI Crystal 4835 XPS

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Flexo benchmark plate

Removing flexo complexity through automation

The production of flexographic plates consists of many complex and manual steps. This not only takes time, it also offers ample opportunity for human errors.

The CDI Crystal XPS turns flexo plate making finally into a coordinated, linear process. The CDI Crystal XPS flexo plate maker integrates the CDI Crystal imager with the XPS Crystal exposure unit. The result is the most advanced yet easiest way to produce flexo plates that deliver astounding results.


Removing complexity through automation

Print Control Wizard

Print control Wizard:
Deep flexo know-how, now for everybody

The Print Control Wizard software adds a new level of simplification in the platemaking department.

No knowledge of prepress or platemaking required. Everyone can use the wizard to create premium flexo plates.


A scale for superior flexo quality

Esko's solution for in-house flexo plate making is scalable. It helps companies to produce plates with the highest quality and consistency.
That way you can drive your own superior print quality.

CDI Crystal

CDI Crystal

The easiest CTP device
  • Reduce operator time by 50%
  • Less plate waste
  • No plate damages, or press setup delays due to plate handling
CDI Crystal XPS

CDI + XPS Crystal

Automated plate making
  • Guaranteed plate consistency
  • Seven process steps reduced to two steps
  • Dramatic reduction in operator involvement
CDI Crystal XPS + Print Control Wizard
  • No need for plate making experts
  • Superior flexo quality
  • Fully automated and very accessible

Producing flexo printing plates with Esko

An introduction to Esko flexo plate making

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