Flexo plate making solutions

Esko offers both hardware and software for the production of flexo plates for a wide range of applications.

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The market for flexographic packaging printing is growing year over year. Technological advances have turned flexo plate making into a controllable, exact science.

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There are 4 things that allow you
to compete at the highest level of flexo quality:

Flexo plate making CDI
1. CDI

The CDI imager is an essential part of every flexo plate making workflow. There is a CDI imager for every setup, whether you produce plates for labels, folding carton or corrugated.

See the different CDI imagers here...

Flexo plate making HD Flexo Hull HD Flexo
2. HD Flexo

HD Flexo and Full HD Flexo are the new industry standards for flexo quality. Finally flexo can rival gravure and offset in packaging printing quality. The print-runs are becoming shorter, which means that flexo is more than ever a very good candidate to take of print jobs that used to be done exclusively in gravure.

Read more about HD Flexo here...

Flexo plate making prepress editor tools
3. Flexo prepress tools

Esko has a full range of dedicated flexo prepress tools: from prepress editors, over prepress automation to flexo retouch tools in Adobe Photoshop.

Read more about flexo prepress here...

Flexo plate making Digital Flexo Suite
4. An optimized platemaking workflow

The Digital Flexo Suite allows you to reduce flexo plate waste, eliminate human errors and boost your platemaking throughput. A clever combination of advanced software and a digital flexo cutting table make sure that you work much faster while increasing the quality of your flexo plates.

Read more on the Digital Flexo Suite here...

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