Choosing the perfect CtP machine

Esko’s CDI: the most comprehensive flexo CtP system

The CDI (Cyrel Digital Imager) offers superb results that before were only achievable in offset or gravure. There is a CDI for every need: from narrow web label printing, to flexible packaging and wide format corrugated printing; from one color printed corrugated boxes to highly sophisticated multi-color packaging and even security printing.

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Optimize your CtP system with the Digital Flexo Suite

Achieve significant cost savings through automated flexo plate optimization. The Digital Flexo Suite is a collection of Esko's CtP plate making software, designed especially for the needs of the packaging industry.

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HD Flexo - The new standard for flexographic printing plates

Get the most out your CtP system with HD Flexo & Full HD Flexo screening

HD Flexo and Full HD Flexo are the new quality standards for flexographic printing! HD Flexo and Full HD Flexo combine high resolution imaging with advanced screening.

Your CtP machine will produce improved plates that are of a higher quality and print more consistently than standard digital flexo plates. HD Flexo may be implemented without scrapping existing equipment and working methods.

Significantly lower production costs with Esko

Dedicated CtP prepress

Premium quality starts with dedicated CtP prepress. Give your CtP machine the optimized files it needs to excel. Esko offers intuitive CtP prepress solutions for flexo:

  • Stand alone or in Illustrator®
  • Automated CtP prepress workflow
  • Retouching flexo CtP files in Adobe® Photoshop®
Dedicated CtP prepress

More than 15 years of innovation in flexography CtP printing

For decades Esko has been developing software and hardware innovations in flexographic printing. The company invented digital flexo in 1995 and has been leading the development ever since. Esko’s flexographic CtP solutions are used in about 90% of high quality flexo production.

Today, Esko is synonymous with excellent quality and consistency in all flexo printing applications: package printing.

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