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The CDI (Cyrel Digital Imager) offers superb results that before were only achievable in offset or gravure. There is a CDI for every need: from narrow web label printing, to flexible packaging and wide format corrugated printing; from one color printed corrugated boxes to highly sophisticated multi-color packaging and even security printing.

HD Flexo

HD Flexo and Full HD Flexo

HD Flexo and Full HD Flexo are the next steps in high quality flexo printing. HD Flexo is a new process for making digital flexographic plates. The improved plates are higher quality and print more consistently than standard digital flexo plates.


The Digital Flexo Suite offers significant cost savings through the automation of the flexo plate production. It is a collection of Esko's plate making software, designed especially for the needs of the packaging industry.

Printing images in a packaging workflow, more specifically a flexo workflow, requires a high level of expertise from the trade shop or printer/converter. Esko has a full suite of flexo prepress tools to help tackle all prepress pain points: trapping, distortion, screening, barcodes, white underprint, scum dot removal...

Flexo printing is becoming more and more attractive to brands all over the world. Print runs are becoming shorter, so printers are looking for a viable alternative for processes like gravure. Find out how flexographic printing is the perfect alternative.

Some materials used in flexible packaging are a challenge to print on. That’s where flexographic printing has an advantage.

Optimize your flexo plate production and learn how to reduce flexographic plate waste.


The market for flexographic packaging printing is growing year over year. Find out what technological advances you can use to turn your flexo plate making process into a controllable, exact science.

With Esko’s security printing solutions, you can prevent tampering, counterfeiting of your important documents using CDI imagers with SecuFlex options.

Dry Offset Printing is an offset printing process combining the characteristics of letterpress and offset. With a CDI, you can image letterpress plates.