Device Manager:
Controlled platemaking operation

Device Manager for flexo plate making

Current market demands force converters to produce shorter print runs under strict deadlines. Flexo plate making has to keep up with these trends, so there’s no press downtime simply because the plates are not ready yet.

Device Manager, a new module for Automation Engine, moves operational control upstream to the prepress department. This effectively tears down silos in CPC companies and neatly integrates flexo platemaking with the prepress workflow.

CDI Crystal 5080 XPS - Flexo plate making integrates with prepress workflow

Working with Device Manager

Device Manager monitors job status, and controls and drives flexo plate making operations. The work in progress, the status and queues of all connected devices are clearly visualized on screen.

  • Prioritize platemaking queues
  • Produce the right plate, at the right time
  • Reduce unnecessary press stand-stills
  • Meet challenging customer lead times

True simplification for greater plate making productivity

Using Automation Engine means that files are pre-checked for errors and entered into the plate production schedule with minimal operator intervention, resulting in maximum production uptime.

Rush jobs can be slotted in as necessary, additional separations can be added onto plates and plate waste is minimized.

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