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HD Letterpress:
unsurpassed dry offset quality for can printing

Esko's HD Letterpress is a superb imaging solution for HD Letterpress plates that helps you overcome some typical challenges in dry offset printing.

Dry offset printing for conical/cylindrical packaging, such as e.g. beverage and aerosol can decoration, places multiple inks, “wet-on-wet”, on a common blanket and that image is then transferred to the packaging to be decorated.

The “wet-on-wet” ink transfer presents several printing problems that must be properly addressed in prepress for a job to look and run great and for your packaging to truly stand out on the shelf!

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Dedicated prepress for can printing

Dedicated prepress for can printing

Dry offset comes with its own prepress challenges. The inks that are used are highly opaque and cannot mix. This means that the image needs to be reseparated completely: spot inks will be used and the inks cannot overprint.

Esko has the tools to make this kind of prepress easy. The Ink tools plug-in for Adobe Photoshop for example allows you to create totally new separations for any combination of two, three or four spot-colors.

Add the finishing touch to your cans

Store Visualizer adds the finishing touch. Its patented dynamic print visualization is able to show a wide range of substrates, printing and finishing effects in real-time. The real-time images in Visualizer are ultra-realistic thanks to a patented print modeling technology. Visualizer simulates the printing and finishing operations one by one, in the correct order, and on the right substrate. So what you see, doesn’t only look great, it’s also technically feasible.

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