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What keeps you from automating your prepress production process?

WebCenter for Corrugated

Maybe you believe in automation myths like

  • “My company is too small”
  • “Automation is complicated”
  • “I will have to change my way of working”

Don’t, because they are not true.

Save time & increase your income. Automation increases your throughput with 50%

Save time and increase your income
The benefits of automating

Company size doesn’t matter

There is no company too small for prepress production automation.
Start with automating small, repetitive tasks and expand the automation as your expertise and business grow.
Automation will allow you to cope with challenges like high capacity and throughput demands.

Staff expertise

Your prepress experts are too qualified (and valuable) to waste their time on menial, repetitive tasks.
Automate tasks that don’t generate income and let your prepress production specialists take care of high value tasks

Staff Expertise
Prepress automation

Automate packaging prepress

Automating repetitive prepress tasks helps save time and boost quality. 

Automation Engine sets a new standard for prepress workflow automation. It is a new modular workflow server with dynamic workflows that are easy to set up and operate.

It’s the ideal prepress software for premedia, tradeshops & packaging converters to get more out of their business.

Packaging management

Do you want to streamline your packaging preproduction?

Esko’s packaging management solution WebCenter is a powerful and user-friendly web-based platform that manages all aspects of preproduction specification, approval and project lifecycle to remove bottlenecks that are most commonly associated with the packaging design to production process.

WebCenter Management System
Packaging Prepress Editors

Packaging prepress editors

ArtPro+ is the leading PDF native prepress editor for packaging and labels. Handle all the major pre-press pain points (e.g. CAD/graphics alignments, trapping, distortion, screening, barcodes...) with intelligent tools.

Packaging prepress in Illustrator and Photoshop

DeskPack is a collection of packaging prepress plugins for Adobe® Illustrator® and Adobe® Photoshop®.

With these plugins, Illustrator® and Photoshop® become full-fledged packaging prepress applications: from trapping to creating shrink sleeve packaging.

DeskPack Essentials

The benefits of automating
your prepress production process

Reduce human error

Even with highly experienced staff, human error can sneak in when manually handling files in the preproduction process. The cost of these errors becomes very high when they go unnoticed and reach the production phase.

Automated prepress tasks catch errors early in the process and prevent costly reprints.

Reduce human error
Let the server do the crunching

Let the server do the crunching

No operator likes to sit in front of a computer that is blocked with files being processed. Offload these tasks from the workstation to the server by running them automatically in the background. and keep the workstation free for high-value tasks.

3 reasons to choose Automation Engine 

Build quality into your prepress processes

Esko offers 30+ years experience of workflow automation in the packaging industry. Automation Engine integrates seamlessly with any existing infrastructure (MIS, ERP…).

Build quality into your prepress processes
Increase your throughput with 50%

Increase your throughput with 50%

Automation Engine automates over 350 packaging specific prepress tasks.

Automate repetitive tasks and let your prepress production specialists focus on high value tasks.

Start small and grow when your business is ready

Automate (parts of) the existing prepress processes in your company first. As your business grows, expand the automation and integrate your business systems in the process.

Start small and grow when your business is ready


Top 5 automation myths in packaging debunked

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